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Slade’s Bar & Grill, is an award-winning bar & restaurant located in Boston, with the aim of further boosting the city’s vibrant bar, restaurant and live music scene!

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Our award winning bar is stocked with a vast selection of speciality rums, tequilas & fantastic cocktails, with food served from Full dinners served until 11pm. munchies served until 1am. Our full food & drinks menus, along with our entertainment schedule can be accessed using the menus above. You’ll find upcoming entertainment highlights with their own links on the “Events” tab. You will find Slade’s Bar & Grill in a historic building, located on Tremont Street, in Boston.

The Bar is open to the public (see opening hours above), with entertainment accordance with our busy & exciting music and entertainment schedule, full details of which you will find on this site.

We aim to provide an eclectic and exotic range of live music, cabaret, clubs, events, gatherings, happenings, exhibitions & screenings so diverse and electrifying that it won’t just be our preposterously fine drinks, dining and lounging that will draw you back.